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At To Better Health, we are committed to providing you with the best medical nutrition therapy, and dietary and healthy lifestyle counseling to help you reach your health goals.  Our college-degreed, board-credentialed, licensed and registered dietitians are medically and professionally trained to offer dietary education, food plans, meals, and healthy lifestyle coaching and counseling in the context of your specific health needs and concerns.  Our professional guidance supports positive and lasting lifestyle changes and attainment of your health goals.

Insurance Accepted

We accept health insurance from a variety of companies. However, not all plans pay for nutritional counseling with a licensed and registered dietitian. Ask your insurance plan for details about your coverage.

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Client Forms

For your convenience, we have posted important forms that you will need periodically as you work with us on your journey to better health.  Please use the password we provided to access this page.

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Healthy Recipes

Figuring out how to add a healthy variety to your diet can be a challenge. To help you meet this challenge we’re sharing recipes for delicious, high-protein snacks and meals that will nourish and satisfy you.

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We publish periodic newsletters full of informative tips to help you reach your health goals: from setting realistic health goals and forming healthy habits to tips on starting exercise plans.

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